Quality.... our first nature

Privi has established itself to be a premier global supplier to leading companies from the Fragrance and Flavour industry, by winning their confidence over the past few decades by providing the best quality products, delivered with speed.

Business growth with our key customers in a short span of time is a testimony to the acceptance of our quality and satisfaction with our services.
Customer focus entwined into our quality processes has built a culture at Privi to deliver the right quality on time.

Our focus is to have Quality ingrained at each step, the result being, almost all our products are approved by the top 10 Fragrance and Flavour houses across the globe. We are also Preferred Suppliers for many of the top 10 Fragrance and Flavour houses.

Design intended for Quality
  • Considerations given to backward and forward integration during the product design is the genesis of our sustainable quality. Process standardization with pilot trials from kilo to one ton capacity, gives us a strong control over our production processes.
Consistency in sourcing
  • Controls exercised over the entire value chain by implementing a vendor qualification program as well as in-house processing of our raw ingredients to have consistent quality of ingredients, give us the advantage to maintain superior quality of our products. Our focus is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers for a long and sustainable growth.
Infrastructure & technology to support Process controls
  • Our fully automated production facility with built in process controls ensures that the processes operate within the specified limits.
  • A dedicated and enclosed plant for each product prevents any cross contamination.
  • Highly efficient distillation column with high vacuum generation provides purification of the highest order
Customer centric Management Systems
  • An integrated management system based on ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 is implemented to ensure adherence to Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety standards.
  • Our business processes are integrated and controlled through implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite throughout the organization.
  • Manufacturing processes are monitored at defined frequency to ensure adherence to process standards.
  • Stability studies to establish shelf lives and control on ageing of stocks through the oracle system ensures that right quality is delivered to customers.
  • Deliveries are monitored and each batch scheduled for release is assessed for acceptance based on specified customer requirements by the Quality Assurance team.
Advance technology for stringent Quality Checks
  • Incoming material, process samples and final products are screened for quality parameters by most advanced testing instruments like GC, GCMS, HPLC, GC-FPD, Sulphur Analyser, FTIR, Tintometers and Viscometer.
  • Final products are subjected to stringent sensory analysis through an experienced and competent panel of evaluators.
  • Advanced analytical capabilities to detect impurities at ppm and ppb level for compliance to regulations and quality standards are provided to each plant.
Strict compliance to regulations acting as a responsible partner
  • Regulatory requirements are intrinsically built in our sourcing policy and strict adherence is demanded from suppliers.
  • Our major products which are exported are registered as per REACH regulation.
  • Being a supportive member of IFRA, Privi is committed to provide safe products to our customers. Our regulatory assurance team keeps itself abreast with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements to abide it to the fullest.
  • All our products meet religious standards like HALAL and Kosher and are certified for the same.
Competent and technically efficient work force
  • With the spirit of having quality at each step, Privi has built a highly competent workforce which is the backbone of our success in consistently meeting quality and business targets over the years.
  • An extensive learning and development program is crafted for each employee to keep them abreast with the required skills and competencies.