A green future for chemicals

Privi believes that improving energy efficiency is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and for such a hugely energy intensive sector, boosting efficiency also has beneficial consequences for the organization. As an energy intensive sector, the chemical industry has made great strides in reducing its energy consumption.

The areas which have made an impact are many and it has long been recognised that the equipment used within a production plant, compressors, pumps and refrigeration systems can play a significant role in improving energy efficiency


Key measures towards Energy Conservation

  • Introduced efficiency class motors of IE2 & IE3 code in all new requirements.
  • Air compressor pressure optimization to achieve reduction in power consumption.
  • Advancements in Crusher & Screen vibrator for coal used in steam boilers.
  • VFDs are provided on the vacuum pumps & reactors agitators.
  • Shift to LED from CFL.
  • Shift to Solar.
  • DHMOL effluent organic collection system.
  • Evaporator installations.
  • MPO manufacturing process improved.
  • Higher and optimized production to achieve a 5% reduction in consumption of water, steam and power.
  • Installed Thermo syphon re-boilers to replace forced circulation technology.
  • Usage of Bio mass from Aerators of ETP as a solid fuel in steam boilers.
  • Refine & reuse of drained lubrication & engine oil.