Privi has a culture and belief of sustainable development encompassing sustainable manufacturing, product safety, economy analysis, sustainability-oriented supply chain management and social and community based sustainable requirement.

EEA/EU Regulation - REACH: Privi has appointed 'Sustainability Support Services, which is based out of Sweden to act as a Privi representative under REACH. Our products are REACH Complaint. Being a member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) also mandates that our product range is in compliance with IFRA standards and adhere to religious responsibility being Kosher & Halal Compliant.

Some of the sustainability projects implemented

  • Increase in Turbine power generation.
  • Vapor absorption Machine installed to fulfill chiller requirement.
  • Energy audits conducted to save energy loss.
  • Waste streams identified and treatment methodologies implemented.

At privy team work is a key ingredient to achieve stringent sustainable targets and Privi is proud of by implementing CSR projects in it facilities and in communities in line with CFC free equipment, water recycling and reuse, which reduce environmental load.