Every Drop Counts

Water is essential for life. The amount of fresh water on our planet is limited, and its quality is under constant pressure. Preserving and conserving the quality of fresh water is crucial for maintaing drinking-water supply, food production and recreational water use. Water quality can be compromised by the presence of infectious agents, toxic chemicals, and radiological hazards. Globally, manufacturing is a prime contributor towards water pollution. Privi understands and recognizes this need and constantly works towards water conversation and recycling.

Privi has been successfully utilizing its Reverse Osmosis Plant and Multi Effect Evaporator Plant to recycle and reuse waste water. This enables us to utilize the treated water in the plants and move towards zero discharge in the days to come.

Key measures towards Water Conservation.

  • Collection of condensate from production blocks.
  • Use of high pressure pumps to reduce water usage in cleaning and washing.
  • Treatment of both non-process and process-effluent water through the Reverse Osmosis Plant and Multi Effect Evaporator Plant.
  • Recycled water reused for cooling towers and plantations – More than 31,680 m3 of water has been recycled directly reducing fresh water requirement.
  • Use of Natural resources - Rain water harvesting initiated in Units - I, II & III at Mahad and more than 7,768 m3 rain water harvesting has been done.